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And Concept Reigns Supreme

If the latest Module in Frankfurt am Main and Wiesbaden proved anything, it was the power of a well thought-out concept for an event - like a treibhaus session.

A new month, a new treibhaus session! April saw us visit the cities of Frankfurt am Main and Wiesbaden, in which the powers that be also graced us with some beautiful and sunny spring weather.

The weekend began energetically, with a tour of MOMEN (Museum of Modern Electronic Music). Stefan Weil, CCO of Atelier Markgraph, had the courtesy of taking us through this

new museum space and its first exhibition: a retrospective of Frankfurt’s most influential DJ and producer Sven Väth. While the visually stunning exhibition space showed its potential, it was hard to find a connecting thread that united the main purpose of the museum with the current exhibit. I personally look forward to seeing how the project further finds its voice in an ever-changing and rough-around-the-edges field.

Throughout the weekend we visited three different agencies. On Friday and Monday, we were guests at Jazzunique in Bockenheim. The Friday session with CCO Pit Kho brought us into the creation of magical moments. A special highlight was the use of our own “magical moments” in an exercise that made us reflect on how to build up tension in our future events. Monday’s session was led by Timo Schröder and Dennis Meyer and touched on the subject of the Metaverse - what it is, what it isn’t, and how it is likely to develop in the coming years. The main takeaway:

The Metaverse is coming whether we want it or not - and it is up to us to make sure that grows to be a place that we actually want to spend time in.

Saturday was the most rewarding - if longest - day. Due to the uncomfortable connections between Frankfurt and Wiesbaden on train, the crew took to their motorised vehicles and drove to Peng Peng, where co-founders Lale Karahan and Aleska Feith gave us a holistic deep-dive into the world of workshop creation. From the first moment, it was clear that they had conceived the module as an event - with meticulously planned content, playful interactions and a set rhythm that kept everybody on their toes. While the content they passed on to us was exceptional, my biggest take-away was their ability to turn the session into an event - for us.

On our way back to Frankfurt we stopped by the Schloss Freudenberg where our senses were put to the test through a series of activities and rooms with out-of-the-ordinary experiences. Our host Selma was equally out-of-the-ordinary, both in her endless patience and mysterious aura.

Sunday brought us to Voss+Fischer, where we spent the day learning about Design - capital D. We spent the morning with Damiano Ippolito and Giuliano Heil who gave us insights into how to make our presentations clearer and more precise through design. And don’t tell anybody - but they also shared their hottest industry tips. Our afternoon was spent with Heike Schaffernicht, who brought gifts of cheese, salami and baklava to celebrate our dear team-member Janosch’s birthday. Not only that, but she also gave an in-depth lecture on product-design and how it reverberates throughout all of our lives. Mixing history, concept design and philosophy her lecture made for an inspiring afternoon which we adequately finished at Doctor Flotte - a fun neighbourhood bar full of magic!

All in all April’s Treibhaus module was eventful, insightful and fun. Our hosts were gracious, humble and extremely generous with their time, space and energy. So stay tuned for our next blog post!


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